The Event
Olds Regional Exhibition
    5116 - 54 Street, Olds, AB
The Event

Summer Synergy is dedicated to the development of youth between the ages of 9 and 21. The program was developed as a partnership between Olds Regional Exhibition (ORE), 4-H Alberta, the Calgary Stampede, and Olds College.

This week-long event brings together over 1700 participants from an array of species, including beef, dairy, and sheep. Throughout the week, participants compete in their respective species with points being allotted from 3 species-specific activities, a Synergy Multi Judging competition, and a Synergy Marketing component. Both multi judging and marketing prove to be great skill builders with participants evaluating 5 classes and completing an extensive marketing project. In the past, the marketing project has involved creating an online auction item or a marketing manual for livestock species.

Did you know that since 2010, $602,750 awarded in scholarships to 456 talented youth?

The first round of livestock shows are held at the Olds Regional Exhibition grounds. The winners from the beef, dairy, sheep and horse shows attend the Stampede for the last two days for a grand finale to meet the public and display the championship livestock.

Picture hereSummer Synergy creates a learning environment where youth can showcase their talents not only to the industry, but also to the world. Held in conjunction with the Calgary Stampede, over 300 scholarships have been awarded over the years - over $300,000 being put towards the further education of our rural youth.

The Provincial 4-H Beef Heifer Show, Dairy Show, and Sheep Show are held in conjunction with Summer Synergy, as well as individual breed shows.

Any Summer Synergy participant would say the event has created a lifetime of opportunities and opened many doors. Meeting and interacting with others young people, no matter what species they represent, and the potential to travel across Canada and internationally, makes Summer Synergy "the place for youth in agriculture"!

Summer Synergy gives young Canadians the chance to grow and show the passion they have for the agriculture industry. Every year youth continue to come with their hopes, dreams, and skills.

There is really nothing more impactful than witnessing rural youth learning, achieving and celebrating. Their enthusiasm is contagious, their passion is motivating, and their spirit is simply inspiring.